After years of practicing yoga, several surgeries, including a shoulder replacement, a knee replacement, as well as scoliosis, spondylosis, and bouts of sciatica, I thought yoga was no longer a viable option. Much as I tried, however, I couldn’t escape my passion for yoga. With that said, I began my search for a teacher who could help me learn how to modify my practice. Jen is a wonderful teacher—patient, dedicated, and very connected to her pupils. Not only did she teach me how to do the poses I love with simple to use modifications, but she encouraged and listened to me. After several private lessons together, I have been able to successfully return to my yoga practice, taking classes three-times a week, incorporating the modifications Jen taught me. I also look forward to taking classes with Jen very soon. I felt nurtured and supported under her guidance.
— Phyllis
Jen’s classes are composed with the perfect balance of strength, stretching and spirituality. Her clear instruction and careful guidance have been particularly beneficial to me as I have scoliosis and chronic lower back issues resulting from herniated discs. Jen really takes the time to properly correct my alignment and provide modifications which allows me to achieve my personal full expression of a pose. I find that I am consistently challenged by the sequences she teaches while losing myself in the practice under her comforting tone. Somehow, whatever stress I bring with me in starting a session with Jen is alleviated by the time she leads me into what feels like a restorative and indulgent savasana. Jen may be a young teacher, but she is an old and experienced soul who has a natural flare for helping others realize their potential in yoga.
— Gillian
As a beginner, I had no idea what to expect at my first yoga session with Jen. I thought it would be an intimidating experience. I was so wrong. From the moment Jen asked me how I was feeling that day and how my day had been, I knew something good was about to happen. Jen guides me through each position, accommodates my weaknesses, supports my strengths, and praises my accomplishments. Jen is always careful to respect my ‘newbie’ status, but at the same time, she gently encourages me to keep trying new postures and to confidently move on to the next steps. So glad we found each other!
— Angela
I began yoga with Jen a few months after my baby was born. She tailored each session to my personal needs and I found that after each session my various aches and pains would be alleviated. I left each session feeling stronger and more relaxed. The personal attention allowed me to get the most out of my yoga practice.
— Emily
Jen goes “above and beyond” . . . Jen clearly thinks about her student well after a session has ended. She is a master teacher who over-prepares and over-delivers. She is a giver of her knowledge, expertise and heart.
— G