I cannot recommend Jen enough.  When I began working with Jen, I’d already practiced yoga for about 15 years.  Jen opened up a whole new way to think, practice and explore yoga, my emotions, body and spine.

At our first session, Jen asked what goals I’d like to achieve, and she then gently, thoughtfully and creatively implemented a detailed plan to achieve these goals which were met while she planned and designed brilliant, engaging, challenging, and rewarding yoga sessions. I’m an educator and it is one thing to plan a class, but Jen doesn’t simply plan; she designs and customizes for her clients; she is extraordinary.

Jen addressed, studied and understood my scoliosis with detail, intelligence and understanding. Until now, I would never have “owned” ‘my’ scoliosis. Because of Jen, I now own and accept it, and work with it during my daily home yoga practice and throughout my day and every day. I have a daily practice prescribed by Jen which has challenged, strengthened, and improved my core and posture greatly.  The practice alleviates pain and discomfort. Her ‘homework’ was easy to follow, personalized, adjusted and doable.

Jen is empathetic, direct, thorough and detailed. When she teaches, she is always clear through her words and demonstrations. Jen is “wicked smart” and knows so very much about human anatomy, scoliosis, and the effects of yoga poses on each muscle and vertebrae!

Jen goes “above and beyond”. Just as I left each session with her voice and her teachings, Jen clearly thinks about her student well after a session has ended. She is a master teacher who over-prepares and over-delivers. She is a giver of her knowledge, expertise and heart. She opens herself up and shares of herself and her own experiences, which in turn led me to open up as well. I have never addressed my scoliosis in this way as an adult, and I’m eternally grateful for Jen’s support, communication and teachings. 

The emotional benefits of yoga are part of practicing with Jen, but she gives so much more… She personalizes the student’s experience with attention to improving daily life through poses as well as thought. Jen taught me how to re-think my posture, my core, how I sit, how I stand, etc. 

I don’t know if it’s possible to explain how Jen blends such caring and kindness and attention to her students with direct, clear and  challenging instruction. It is that blend of her amazing teaching along with her compassion that makes her so incredible.  It is a privilege to practice with Jen in both a private and group setting. Without a doubt, you will learn from her and learn about yourself.